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Wasps Control Service

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Wasp nests around the home can be very frightening and scary, especially for your kids. It can be very challenging to get rid of these Wasp nests, for this you must hire professionals, so they can help you in removing the nests professionally without harming anyone. Protect your family members and kids thanks to experts to remove wasp nests from your property. Wasps can cause significant damage to your home as they tend to eat plaster, which can be costly to repair.

Here at Robin Pests Control, we offer Wasps control services in which our professionals will help you in removing the Wasps. We are providing services in the areas in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and surrounding areas for your convenience, allowing you to get rid of wasps. We offer wasps control services exclusively in the UAE region.

How Do I Know I Have A Wasp Nest?

It’s easy to identify the presence of wasps in your home or building. All you have to do is to check the surroundings and if you see wasps entering & leaving a hole present in the ground, a roof, on the wall or any other part of a building, especially in between the months of May & November then you might have a wasp nest. If you see unwanted wasps in your home, building or surroundings then it’s the indication that you have the wasp’s nest. In autumn, when days get shorter, wasps get attracted to the lights present inside the building, which they might confuse with sunrise.

Safety Instructions:

While treating the wasps nests, keep in mind that you don’t have to block the hole up because it will definitely make them angry and aggressive. They won’t get killed in this way, instead they will find another way to get into the place, or they can even enter your home.  Some species of wasps prefer to build their nest outside in bushes and trees. The wasp’s nest is built in a grey or brown structure featuring a paper mache type material. It can be present anywhere in the residential pest control, especially under the shelves, in the corners or near the light. Wasps are very aggressive, they will sting whenever they feel their nest is in danger. So in that situation, you have to be cautious while removing the wasp’s nest.

Types of Wasps:

Before removing the wasp’s nest, keep in mind that it is essential to know about different types of wasps. This information will help you in the removal of nests, as their nest patterns and sting reasons might vary. Here are a few common wasps found in the UAE;

  1. Common Wasp (Brownish/Creamy and nest made up of whirls)
  2. German Wasp (they used to have grey colour nest)
  3. Tree Wasp, (they are usually very aggressive in nature
  4. Norwegian Wasp
  5. Hornet
  6. Cuckoo Wasp
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Keep in mind that nest colour will change once the worker bees take over nest building. All the nests built by queen wasps are grey. In domestic properties, the most common forms of nests found belong to common and German wasps.

Facts about Wasps:


One thing that you should know about wasps is only female wasps have a sting on their body which they can use repeatedly, only if she will feel threatened. In most of the cases a wasp sting doesn’t cause any long-term harm to the people, but in some cases it can be life-threatening, especially if you are allergic to stings. The best way to keep yourself safe and protected is to get rid of the wasp nests present in your home or around the building. For this, you must hire the best Wasps Control in Dubai.

Wasps prefer to build their nests outside the building, especially under sheltered eaves. But if they can gain access inside your home, they might build their nests inside, such as:

  • Roof spaces
  • Internal garages
  • Attics & lofts
  • Wall cavities

Keep in mind that the life cycle of the wasp depends upon their species. If it’s a worker wasp, then it can last between 12 and 22 days, but a queen can live up to a year. Actually, wasps are very social creatures that can actually build colonies simply based on how well they can mate.  The actual purpose of wasps’ life is to mate and create their offspring. Whereas the unmated wasps will eventually die off.  The unmated wasps, whether it’s male or female, will perish in the late summer to the start of fall season, effectively dying of loneliness.

Wasp Life Cycle:


The queen wasp lives longer than the worker wasp, it emerges from hibernation in the spring season. They build round nests of 2 to 3 inches in diameter from chewed wood pulp obtained from dead fences, or trees. This nest contains a few cells, where the queen lays her eggs, one per cell.

The eggs will hatch into larvae and the queen will feed them fragments of insects. Later on, cells will hang downwards to prevent larvae from falling down. The part of their body will be in the egg cavity, glued to the ceiling of the cell. After the pupation stage, the workers emerge and take over the nest and manage its running in place of the queen, who devotes her remaining life to laying eggs.

At the end of summer, workers construct some special cells to provide drones and queens a mating space for the next season. By drones, we mean male wasps and the queens are the fertile females. They fly outside and mate to produce more eggs.

Wasp Sting

Keep in mind that wasp stings are more painful as compared to the bee sting. A female wasp is capable of sting multiple times, however bees are capable of sting only once in their lifetime. That is why the wasp sting can be more painful than a bee. The overall pain and effect of wasp sting can vary on humans depending upon the type of wasp.

Not only the bites, even their presence in the premises scare people a lot. Initially, after a wasp sting, you will feel the burning on your skin with a red swelling and itching as well. Other than that, people might suffer from different types of allergic reactions and infections with wasp sting.

  • Normal wasp sting reactions:

Normally, after the wasp sting, people feel burning on the skin with the red swelling and itching. These are normal reactions that people face on their skin due to wasp sting. After some time, these symptoms will disappear without any medication.

  • Large wasp sting reactions:

If anyone is allergic to the sting, then he might face worse symptoms like redness, pains and extreme swellings on the skin, and it might continue for weeks. In this situation, you should consult the doctor to get the painkillers and relieve the infections. It will help you to feel much better after some time. At some time it causes Anaphylaxis, that’s a worse and life-threatening allergic reaction. In this situation victims might suffer nausea, stomach cramps, Blood pressure may drop as well, feel dizziness and severe swelling at different parts of the body i-e face, lips and throat.

Wasp Treatment:

The experts from the Robin pest control will help you to treat the wasp. We treat the nest and entrance of the nest with an insecticide named ‘FICAM D’. It contains the chemical Bendiocarb 1% w/w. That’s the modern biodegradable insecticide that’s not very toxic to mammals, but for the insects (Wasps, Bees and Ants) it’s very effective

Steps after wasp treatment:

After getting the wasp treatment, the nest will remain active for almost 3 hrs, but wasps can cease their activity much sooner. Right after the treatment, you have to keep people and pets away from the area until the wasp activity ceases. You should try to shut the windows and warn neighbours to stay away.

Here are three most important points that you must remember;

  1. You cannot use the treated nests ever again.
  2. Keep in mind that you cannot move the wasp nest from one place to another, once they start building their nest, then it will be there for almost 7 to 8 months.
  3. All the wasps start building their nests in the spring, that could be the start of May, but it’s hard to notice the expanding populations. The population expands from 1 queen to around 10 000 wasps in the Autumn.

Why Should A Wasp Nest Be Treated?

Treating a wasp is critical, otherwise you might have to face the consequences. The overall lifetime of the wasp nest is minimal, even if you don’t treat a wasp nest it eventually dies out. Its main motive is to produce 100 fertile Queens that will hibernate and start making their own nest in the next year.

Until autumn, the nest will keep on getting larger and larger and till the autumn and early winter season the wasps will be at their most aggressive & dopey state. This is the time period when they sting people. The nest maintenance work is finished by workers, and now they are collecting food for grubs feeding on rotting fruit. The wasps’ nests can cause stains on the ceilings, and they can even eat part of the ceiling in some instances.

Every year, there are so many death cases that appear with wasp stings. So to control these death rates, it’s essential to take the help of professionals and remove it. People who have fruit trees in their backyards should know that wasps can cause massive amounts of damage to the fruits, especially in autumn.

Wasps Pest Control Dubai

There are so many people who offer wasp control services in Dubai. The best of all of them is Robin Pest Control. They have the expert professionals in their team, who help people to Wasps Control in Dubai. Scientifically, wasps are insects that belong to the order Hymenoptera. And on Earth there are more than 100000 species of wasps present. The most common wasp species found in Dubai is the one that is available near human residences, named as yellow jackets and hornets.

Wasps didn’t have any intention to harm or attack humans but when they feel danger or safety risk for their lives and nest only then they attack humans. Just like all other insects, wasps also have an exoskeleton present on their body to protect them from all types of possible dangers.

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