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Birds Control Dubai

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Birds are beautiful creatures  but their presence in the building or home can cause various problems to residents. They are known to leave debris and droppings in the buildings they stay that unhygienic and degrade the look of the building looks. They are also acidic in nature which can damage the structure of the building.

Birds also are known to carry various diseases, some of which are fatal to human  and pets specially to children and old people who have weak immune system.

Robin Pest Control  provides professional and reliable solution for bird control and birds prevention. Commercial or residential, we provide our services to all clients with perfection at low cost. Our expert will help you get rid of the pest birds from your buildings with high efficiency and will make sure to prevent birds in future.

Birds can also cause serious financial damage if not controlled earlier. Once infected, cost of cleaning is much higher that cost of birds control service.

Damages caused by Birds:

Pigeons and seagulls can create a great nuisance for your business, they don’t just create a mess, but they can also damage the premises by dislodging roof tiles and blocking the gutter. There are so many other problems caused by birds. To prevent these issues, you are suggested to hire the professional Bird Control Dubai. Here are few damages caused by pigeons and seagulls on your premises:

  1. They can be a health hazard for the society and become the reason for spreading diseases i-e E. Coli, Salmonella and Ornithosis.
  2. Ruin the buildings fronts, mirrors and vehicles with their droppings. They can frequently foul the entrance and pavement area that can dangerously become slippery.
  3. The birds in the surroundings can actually encourage insect infestations i-e fleas, bird mites and textile beetles which are attracted to their nests and roosting sites.
  4. These birds can actually attack customers and employees, during the breeding season. Actually, during this time period, they are defending their young ones from possible circumstances.

Fact about birds:

The main reason why birds flock together in large groups is protection. Actually, in groups and flocks they can easily guard themselves against predators’ i-e cats, foxes, dogs and rats. Other than that, living in the flock and groups is also associated with mating, foraging and warmth.

Best pest control in Dubai:

Here in Dubai, you can find so many pest control services, but Robin Pest Control is the best. They provide expert services for every type of pest control thanks to experienced and certified professionals. We believe in providing the best customer satisfaction at very affordable rates. Our mission is to provide the best services to our customers with a focus to build long-term business and social relations.

Birds Control Dubai:

It’s basically a generic name used for different methods to eliminate or deter birds from nesting, landing and roosting around the commercial or domestic areas. For this, you should hire professionals from Robin Pest Control, who use bird control products and expert strategies to eliminate birds from the area without harming birds, animals or other people. These activities are meant to increase the comfort level of humans and their related Properties.

Importance of Birds Control in Dubai:

Bird Control Dubai is essential because birds like pigeons and seagulls are the reason for creating so many health-related problems with their faeces that includes diseases like Cryptococcosis Psittacosis and Histoplasmosis. Other than that, Bird droppings may cause damage to property and equipment. Ruin the buildings fronts, mirrors and vehicles with their droppings. They can frequently foul the entrance and pavement area that can dangerously become slippery.

Based on the severity of the issue, our experts will devise a program for utilizing one or more combinations of our products. We choose Eco-friendly products and equipment, which are used by trained professionals who strategically use them to deter the birds from domestic or commercial areas.

Bird Control Methods:

We are offering different types of bird repellent services that will help the domestic and commercial areas to get rid of birds without harming them. Here are few methods used by our professionals to deter the birds;

  • Spikes Installation
  •  Ultraviolet Radiation
  •  Gel Repletion
  • Netting installation
  •   Drawn Services for Eagle Repellent

Environmentally friendly bird, rodent & pest control solutions

Rats, birds and other animals are creating so many serious issues in maintaining quality and controlling hygienic issues for manufacturing, industries and homes. We are helping people to get rid of pests, birds and solving these issues without using any type of harmful or dangerous chemicals. We are using Eco-friendly products that are safe to use for humans and birds. Other than Bird control services we are also offering services like Termite ControlRodent ControlWasps ControlAnts ControlMosquitoes pest controlCockroaches Control. Bed Bugs Control, Residential Pest Control and Commercial Pest Control in Dubai.

  • Our research and development team is implementing effective pest control systems.
  • We are working to provide environment-friendly Bird, Rat and pest control solutions in Dubai for more than a decade.
  • We aren’t using any type of chemical pesticides, traps or poisons.
  • Our rat pest and bird management solutions won’t require you to seal your food items.
  • There won’t be any type of strong scent or toxic chemicals that remain in the air for a longer time period after your building has been treated.
  • Our pest and bird control solutions are in depth, our focus is to attack the root cause of the problem.
  • We are implementing the eco-friendly strategies of deterrents, bird solutions and rat control that’s crucial for the food industry and manufacturers.

Robin Bird control Ways

Bird Control Netting

The first technique we use to prevent the birds is Bird control netting. It’s meant to create a physical barrier between humans and birds. It helps us to prevent the unwanted birds in the areas like gardens, eaves and canopies. Bird control netting successfully prevents birds from nesting and staying in the specific area and helps you to keep the desired location secure from bird nuisance.

Bird Spikes

The next technique we use for bird control is Bird spikes. It’s basically the best way to create a no landing zone for birds. Spikes are helpful in creating an anti-perching. Anti-roosting and anti-nesting area. These spikes will automatically blend with the surroundings and are designed not to harm the birds.  The Bird spikes are used on narrow surfaces like parapet walls, security cameras, ledges, windows top, signage and light posts.

Electric Fence

Shock tracks are another technique used to keep away the birds from any area. Actually, it sounds like a cruel option, but in reality shock tracks are the safest way to scare birds. These electric fences produce mild electric shocks when birds sit on any surface. Shock tracks are subtly laid, tacked or glued to any type of flat or curved surface i-e parapet walls, rooflines, ledges, eaves and beams.

Optical Gel

Optical Gel is another bird repellent technique used by Robin pest control. It affects all types of birds by activating multiple sensory responses. Initially, the material will emit a UV light that will make it look like a flame to the birds. Simultaneously, the oil essence of citronella and peppermint will start emitting scents that will offend the birds. These scents cover the pheromones, used by birds to identify their home.

Sound Bird Deterrent

Another technique used to repel the birds from specific areas is sound bird deterrent. The Bird Repellent Sound Systems use grief and predator call sound along with other sounds to deter a wide range of pests. These devices are designed to deter birds from the large spaces i-e spacious gardens, backyards and rooftops. These sound devices fully exploit a bird’s natural alertness and sensitive hearing. It’s a perfect way to keep the birds away from the commercial, domestic, industrial, and municipal properties.

Visual Bird Deterrent

Visual bird deterrent is an ideal technique used to keep the birds away from the areas like gardens, patios, pools, around the fruit trees and other outdoor spaces where birds like to hang out. Visual bird deterrents are the best low-cost and economical solution for most outdoor pest bird solutions. These bird deterrents are easy to install, simple to maintain and don’t harm the birds.

It’s a quick and easy way to start any bird control program.  Its rule is simple: visual bird deterrents will be used to frighten the birds away from treated areas. In this procedure common optical scare triggers are used i-e predator features, gesture, or reflective surfaces.

Bird Control Hazers

When birds are causing any type of issue in close or enclosed areas where they are roosting and nesting, bird hazing will be the best solution. An effective solution to disperse the pest birds, by deploying a light fog or haze of bird repellent made up of Methyl Anthracite (a non-toxic, food-grade ingredient). The active ingredient of bird hazers will irritate a bird’s mucous membranes. Birds will find this sensation hostile and fly away to avoid these areas. This might be a temporary effect that won’t harm the birds.

Thermal Foggers

This Bird control technique is used to move the flocks of the birds from a wide open area to another place. Bird fogging technique is recommended for people who want to move the flocks of birds from parks, memorial parks, large open spaces and golf clubs. To create a fog, hand held units are used. Basically, these units generate an aerosol of methyl anthranilate to produce a wet fog. Thermal fogging is the best technique used in open areas from where you want to remove the birds

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