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Using effective rat elimination methods with guaranteed results!

  • Full-time availability
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  • Subtle approach by considering your status 

We have a team of professionals making your life safe and a happier place. If you feel annoyed with small rodents and the destruction caused by them, then we are here to help you. We’ll help you to get rid of the rats, mice or other types of pests that can cause you damage or create health hazards for you and your family. We are using the scientific methods along with the proven skills to make your house or office pests free. You are welcome to contact us if you are facing the Rodent Control Services in UAE regions, especially in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Rodent Pest Control, Dubai 

There are many people around the world facing the mouse issues within their premises. It’s so harmful for both property and human health. It might cause damage to the furniture, books, clothes, electric wires, plastic pipes, food items, important documents and lots more.  Once it gets into your home, you will definitely suffer from many destructions. Not only does it destroy goods, it can cause serious health problems too. Definitely, it is dangerous, but do not panic. Experts at Robin Pest Control will help you to get rid of rats, mice or other types of pests.  

How does Robin Pest control get rid of mice?

We are helping homes and businesses get rid of rats, mice, rodents or other types of pests. Take the first step and contact us, our specialist will come to inspect your property, whether it’s commercial or residential pest control in Dubai. The visit is to analyse and locate the places where mice, rat or pests can hide. The professionals will help you to get rid of rats, mice, pests and their nests. They will also find out how they’re getting in and why.

Your personal rodent control specialist will discuss all the possible treatment options with you. He will also consider interior or exterior servicing, or both! They will definitely provide you with expert solutions to meet all your pest control needs, whether it’s exclusion, monitoring, trapping or disinfection services.

  • Interior rodent service

For Rodent Control Services inside we will use snap traps, bait stations, mechanical rodent traps (MRT) or glue boards. If there won’t be readily available water sources near the premises of the building, then we will use liquid rodenticide. It will be used as an alternate water source for rodent control.  In case we detect some increase in mouse activity, temporary devices will be added.

  • Exterior rodent service

If there is a Rodent Control Services the building, then it includes proactively usage of the monitoring bait or rodenticide, specifically in the rodent bait stations. Specialists of Robin Pest Control will add more baits when there will be an increase in feeding activity or if the bait is totally consumed.


Through our commitment to the customers, Rodent Control Dubai earned a fantastic reputation in the industry. High-level professionals are working in our team. Keys to our success in this industry are these three promises that we make with our customers;

On Time

We promise our customers to always be on time. We understand the importance of your time and the damage you might face with the rodents. That’s why we provide timely services to all our customers.

Clear & Concise Quotations

We always provide clear and concise quotations to our customers, based on the issue they are facing. We will go through all problems and their possible effects, based on that we will give you the exact quote without any type of hidden charges or unexpected costs.

Comprehensive Aftercare

After providing rodent control services, we promise to provide you extensive aftercare services to help you in the prevention of the problem. 

Hire Qualified Professionals

Our technicians Rodent Control Services working within Dubai and its surrounding areas are experienced professionals. They know how to work within busy and intensive environments, where they have to face different issues like rodent behavioural resistance. Actually, older buildings are more susceptible to rodent ingress, but hiring the right rodent control company can help you to protect your living and working environment. 

What makes Robin Pest Control unique?

  • Child-friendly treatment
  • Free expert advice
  • Pet safe
  • Excellent aftercare
  • Insured & accredited

Rodent Control Procedures:

Here at Robin Pest Control Experts, we provide effective treatments thanks to expert pest control agents. They help you to eliminate rodents from the home or business premises. Our certified technicians are experienced and familiar with the best rodent control techniques. They will provide you with the best possible solutions for rodent control based upon your location. We provide you with the best possible solutions, so you don’t have to repeat infestation. Furthermore, our experts will give you prevention advice and effective rodent restraining tips.  Our procedure includes following steps;


Contact Us

Call us and tell your problem, local rodent providers will discuss your problem;

  • Local rodent control experts
  • Calls returned within 24 hours
  • Certified experts 



Experts will discuss the past problems that you have faced by arranging a survey and then we will provide you the quote and recommendations;

  • Setting appointment and survey time
  • Solutions tailored to your pest problem
  • Experts advise and solution 



After the survey, our experts will provide you the best possible treatment and time required for the treatment;

  • Set your appointment whenever it’s convenient for you
  • Provide you tailored treatment and effective solutions
  • Offering child and pet-friendly treatments 



After the treatment, we will require more visits to ensure whether the problem is resolved or not;

  • Pest identification and prevention advice
  • Providing effective and discrete solutions
  • Assuring peace of mind

Rodents found in Dubai:

Rattusnorvegicus is the sewer rat or brown rat, mostly found in Norway. Actually, it’s a destructive pest found in the suburban or the urban areas. These rats are addicted to harm to the properties and buildings and prone to contaminate food items. This type of rodent can become the reason for spreading so many dangerous diseases that can harm pets and human beings.

Detection Of Rat Infestations:

Rodent Control Services It’s easy to detect the rat infestations in the surroundings or building by the droppings of gnawing here and there. Furthermore, you might find their tracks on dusty and muddy surfaces present around your premises. Along the fences, railway tracks, buildings or debris you might find burrows and runways. So, after detecting the presence of rats in your premises, you must contact the professionals to help you get rid of them in the safest possible way. Robin Pest Control are here to help you get rid of rodents around your building and be safe and secure from the diseases. 

Facts you should know about rats:

The type of rats found in Dubai are brownish or husky. It weighs almost 11 ounces, it is 6 to 8 inches long and has an almost 13 to 18 inches long body. It has coarse fur present on its body and the underside of the body is of yellowish-white to grey in colour. Furthermore, you must know exactly how the rat looks like so that you can identify the rodent and contact professionals to help you get rid of them. There are so many Rodent control companies present in Dubai, from which you must choose the trusted and certified professionals. 

Rodent Control methods:

Here at Rodent Control Services, we use the safest pest control methods for long-term mouse control in the house. The most successful method used for rodent control is the restriction of food items and shelter spaces within and around the premises. For this purpose, we use two methods;


Before choosing the rodent control method, you must know that the baiting program might cause a sanitation or odour problem. So if you experience any odour issues, then trapping proves to be the ideal method. Keep in mind that after removing the mouse from the house, you must take steps to exclude their presence completely. 

It will help you to prevent the recurrence of the issue. Different types of rodenticides are available in the market that can be used to remove the roof rats, house mice and Norway Rats. But you must know the side effects they can cause on human beings, pets and wildlife. Basically, they contain toxic materials in them. So, never forget to take precautions before using them.


The next method used for rodent control is trapping.  For this, you are suggested to hire professionals like Robin Pest Control. In this method, experts will try to place mouse traps in different locations. This can be a follow-up method after finishing the baiting program. Our baiting programs also helpful for cockroaches control as well.

Trapping method is ideal for garages, annexes, homes, flats, office or corporate spaces when you have to deal with a few rats or mice. This process doesn’t involve any type of toxins, that’s the biggest advantage. Simply when the mouse gets trapped inside, you can throw it away from your premises. In this way, you don’t have to deal with the bad odour of the dead mouse. This is the most inexpensive snap trap option that you can use to get rid of the mouse. 

According to our experts, the most effective method of Rodent control is trapping. We prefer to trap the rats in structures where they are present in small groups.  Here we are discussing few advantages of using this rodent control method:

  • You don’t have to rely on the hazardous poisons
  • It’s easy to determine whether the rat has been killed or not. 
  • You can easily dispose of the rat carcasses  that can eliminate the odour problems that might be caused with the poison. 


Robin Pest Control Services have experienced technicians who have carried out rodent control, eradication and monitoring in a range of challenging environments. Our technicians are professional and discreet to ensure that your rodent problem is dealt with professionally and sensitively. We are also the best birds Control Dubai, and Mosquitoes pest control in Dubai offering you the best services. Here are some reasons why you should hire a rodent control professionals;

  • Rodents can cause and spread diseases or infections like Hantavirus, salmonella, gastroenteritis and Weil’s disease.
  • It might cause damage to buildings by chewing the electric cables, wood or the plastic. It can become a reason to cause fires.
  • Rodents can infect the foodstuffs and other commodities by chewing and eating. Or else they can contaminate the food items with their faces and urine.
  • They can also affect your business reputation by damaging your overall Health, Safety and hygiene reputation. Furthermore, you might suffer potential fines from the health departments, resulting in the closure of your business.

How we determine the cost of Rodent control Dubai

There are so many factors that matter while determining the costs of rodent control treatments. That’s why we need to inspect the place before giving you an exact quotation. The rodent control specialist will consider following factors while finalizing exact quote to the customers;

  • Size of the infestation
  • Size of the property
  • Commercial or residential property 

Your rodent Specialist will definitely give you his expert opinions while determining the solution. It gives you the ultimate peace of mind, ensuring you that pests or rodents won’t be a health or safety risk for you and your property. 

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