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Mosquitoes Control in Dubai

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Mosquitoes are very annoying, especially when we are trying to sleep. Their bites are very painful and itchy on the skin. Mostly, mosquitoes are found on the still water in the house or in the surroundings. The mosquito larvae and eggs will develop within the water in six to ten days. Keep in mind that mosquitoes get attracted by dark colours, and they are more prone to bite you in the dark and dawn. If you want to prevent mosquitoes in your premises then find out the best Mosquitoes pest control in dubai.

Mosquitoes and Midges

As we all know, how annoying and painful the mosquitoes and midges can be. Somehow, no matter how much you try to prevent it, there are always some of them who manage to get through windows and doors only to give you a nasty, itchy bites. Here we are explaining some facts about these nasty little insects: These insects can actually develop from eggs to adults in only six to ten days. You can find them near still water, where their larvae feed and develop. These insects are very much attracted towards the dark colours. Mosquitoes can actually bite at dawn or dusk or both. That’s the time when they feel hungry and go out to search for food.

Mosquito Control Dubai, Sharjah

Mosquitos are found everywhere in Dubai, Sharjah and UAE. These are small flying insects that bite humans and suck the blood and spread so many diseases with their bite. Normally, people feel itchy when mosquitoes bite. A little bump appears on the skin that turns red after some time. According to the fact, a female mosquito can lay almost 100 to 500 eggs on the surface of water.

Diseases Spread by Mosquitoes:

Before removing the wasp’s nest, keep in mind that it is essential to know about different types of wasps. This information will help you in the removal of nests, as their nest patterns and sting reasons might vary. Here are a few common wasps found in the UAE;

  1. Common Wasp (Brownish/Creamy and nest made up of whirls)
  2. German Wasp (they used to have grey colour nest)
  3. Tree Wasp, (they are usually very aggressive in nature
  4. Norwegian Wasp
  5. Hornet
  6. Cuckoo Wasp
  7. Cockroaches control
  8. Mosquitoes pest control in Dubai

Keep in mind that nest colour will change once the worker bees take over nest building. All the nests built by queen wasps are grey. In domestic properties, the most common forms of nests found belong to common and German wasps.

Ways to prevent mosquitoes:

  • keep the water tanks covered
  • get rid of standing water
  • Use of natural predators like fishes to eat the mosquitoes
  • Use natural mosquito repellents like garlic oil, lemon, peppermint oil, citronella and neem oil to repel mosquitoes.

Species of Mosquitoes & Midges:

  1. Culex Mosquitoes
  2. Aedes Mosquitoes
  3. Dark Winged Fungus Gnat
  4. Anopheles Mosquitoes
  5. Biting Midge

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Here at Robin Pest Control, we have professional and effective mosquito control Fogging and Spray treatment. Mosquitoes infestation technique is perfect for commercial or residential properties, especially in areas like Dubai, Sharjah or surrounding cities. If you are facing the same issue, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists.

There are more than 3500 species of mosquitoes found all around the world and in the Tropical zone countries these mosquitoes are present in every season of the year. Mosquitoes can spread the world’s most deadly disease i-e dengue, malaria etc. According to the recent report of the World Health Organization, Malaria kills more than a million people every year. It’s impossible to kill each mosquito present on the earth, but we can educate people about these disease carriers, so everyone can protect themselves by taking appropriate preventive measures at the right time.


The most commonly spread disease caused by Mosquitoes is Malaria. As per the reports of World Health Organization, Malaria infects more than 500 million people every year. Especially in the countries i-e Middle East, Africa, South Asia, America and South East Asia. Malaria has been affecting people for thousands of years and this disease is transmitted by the Anopheles mosquito. When someone gets infected with malaria, following symptoms will start appearing i-e Flu, anemia, nausea and fever. If symptoms get severe, then it might cause coma and death to the affected person.

Yellow Fever

Another deadly disease transmitted by mosquito bites is yellow fever. This disease is primarily found in African and American countries. However, it has now spread into Asia, and it’s affecting a large number of people.

Yellow fever is similar to jaundice, in which people suffer from discoloration of the eyes and skin. The common symptoms of this disease include fatigue, fever, vomiting and chills. In some cases, this disease can turn chronic by causing high fever, shock, bleeding and even death due to the failure of multiple organs. There are so many other diseases caused by mosquitoes that include Japanese Encephalitis Virus, Chikungunya Fever, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Rift Valley Fever, La Crosse Encephalitis and Heartworm.

Preventing Mosquito Borne Diseases

Keep in mind that all the diseases caused by mosquitoes don’t have vaccines. So if you want to prevent the diseases, then you have to stop spreading it by controlling the mosquitoes’ growth in the surroundings. Killing every mosquito is actually not possible because realistically it’s not possible. Therefore, it’s best to control its population

Ways to prevent mosquitoes:

  • Always try to get off the freestanding and stagnant water that’s an ideal breeding platform for mosquitos. So, you have to empty all those vessels or else you can also fill them with mud to prevent mosquito growth.
  • Other than that you should try to prevent the mosquitoes by applying the repellent on your skin and else it’s better to wear full sleeve clothes.
  • You can opt to use the mosquitos’ nets to limit the mosquito from biting you, especially at night.
  • Other than that, you can also use mosquito traps.
  • One simple thing that you can do to prevent mosquitoes is to keep your windows closed and shut the curtains, allowing you to keep the mosquitoes out of the house. After dark, keep windows and doors closed or block out the light with curtains.
  • Moreover, you can also fix the Insect screens to windows. It will help you to prevent the flies from getting into your home.
  • Next thing that you have to do is to clean up the dead mosquitoes because they can be a tasty snack for other pests, just like carpet beetles.
  • Cover water – Cover water butts with well-fitted lids to prevent mosquito larvae in the water.
  • If you have a pool or garden pond, then you must think about bringing the goldfish. It will eat all the mosquito larvae, hence preventing the mosquito growth.
  • Instead of artificial repellents to prevent mosquitoes. For this, you can try natural repellents like peppermint oil, citronella, witch hazel, garlic, neem oil, lavender, lemon eucalyptus oil and vanilla extract.

Pest Control Services Can Help

Even after taking preventive measures, if mosquitos don’t go away, then it’s time to consult the professional pest control services. They will help you to get rid of mosquitos’ growth in and around your premises. Robin Pest control services will help you to get rid of mosquitoes in Dubai and Sharjah.

People living in the areas of Dubai or Sharjah or other places of the UAE, can contact us. Here at Robin Pest Control, we provide the best solution to your problem. We are the leading pest control service providers located in Dubai.  We have been working with people for many years now.

Furthermore, we use a range of Eco friendly quality products in our preventive procedures that help us in controlling mosquitoes. Our certified experts will help you in removing the habitats of mosquitoes and eliminate their population for a longer time period without wasting any time. We deliver the best services in Dubai and Sharjah can provide the best treatment for resolving the mosquito issues irrespective of the scale of infestation.

Mosquito Services for your Business

We are also providing mosquito prevention services for businesses or commercial buildings. So if you are facing the same issue you can simply contact Mosquitoes pest control in dubai. Keep in mind that mosquitoes will be a nuisance for your staff, but it could be bad for your business reputation. So yes if you want to prevent losing your business good reputation due to damage caused by mosquitoes then contact professionals like us.

Robin Mosquito Control Service:

Our certified professionals will help you in putting your mind at rest:

  • Our experts will offer you the best solutions, advice and treatments to control mosquitoes and midges.
  • They have extensive knowledge and experience in this field that allows them to govern appropriate treatment to the problem. That will help you to efficiently get rid of mosquitoes and midges from your business premises.
  • We prefer to use a range of electric fly killers, meant to help you to get rid of mosquitoes from your business.

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