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Bed Bugs Control

Robin Pest Control, Dubai

Bed Bugs are the most common pests in Dubai that need to be treated with professionals. This issue is increasing day by day and no one knows the reason for its expansion. The common reasons involve climate change, ineffective insecticides, cheaper travel, central Air conditioning and the effects of migration. Actually bed bugs are not meant to transfer diseases like mosquitoes, they are meant to cause infection. Bed bugs are meant to cause the infection, allergies, irritation and redness to the skin of their warm-blooded host that include humans because these bugs bite to feed on blood. Actually

Bed Bugs can come from anywhere

These bugs actually live close to the environment where people sleep, sit or rest for a longer time period. Hungry bugs will come out from their hiding places, cracks or crevices searching for naked skin and body parts. Normally, they bite on the head and neck area, but sometimes you might see the marks on the exposed arms, legs and hands. While searching for the place to feed, these bugs can actually move very fast. After finding a proper place, they nourish for 3-6 minutes until they are full. After that, they will quickly move away from the person back to their hiding place.

Robin Pest Control services will help you to get rid of these bugs as soon as possible. We deliver fast and effective solutions to our customers. If you think bed bugs are present in your room and surroundings, then call us now and get the help from professionals. Our experts will plan an inspection and suggest the best possible solution.  

What are the Bedbugs?

Bed Bugs are crawling and blood-feeding insects that can cause infections with their bites. These are parasite organisms that feed and nourish on the blood of individuals. They consume the blood meals to raise, grow and reproduce. Both clean and dirty homes are susceptible to bug infestations. These bugs can feed on other types of household pets and animals, i-e cats or dogs. Keep in mind that bed bugs are not disease carriers, but their bites can be so irritating. People who are allergic to the bugs can suffer a more severe allergic reaction. So yes, we can say that if these bugs are nor controlled, it can spread throughout the building, apartment and villas.

How to Locate Bed Bugs with Common Signs

If you think there are bed bugs present in your apartment, room or building then you can easily recognize their presence with these common signs.

  • Check the presence of dark spots on the mattress.
  • If there is a nasty sweet odour.
  • They might reside in the stitching of the mattress, cupboards, under the carpet and drawers.
  • They can live in the wardrobes or beside the electrical wire fittings, cabinet or cracks present under the wallpapers.

Get Rid of the Bed Bugs:

Robin Pest Control offers professional bed bugs control services in both residential and commercial sectors. Our experts will inspect your place carefully, and then they will suggest a customized solution for you by considering category, structure and surrounding of premises. Based on their inspection, the experts will advise you about the precautions and solutions that you need to take for avoiding the bed buds in future.

Why did you hire Robin Pest Control Experts?

  1.   In our pest control team, we have qualified professionals.
  2.   Our team of experts are validated by customers.
  3.   We have the proficient knowledge to control the pest.
  4.   We always prefer to use Non-toxic, human and pet-friendly chemicals and sprays for the treatment of pest control.
  5.   Furthermore, we provide long-term support to the customers until complete eradication of pests from their home building and offices.

Expert Bed Bug Control

  1. After your message we will be in touch with you within 24 hours, we are keen to arrange an appointment with you at the most suitable price.
  2. After booking your appointment one of our expert team members will come to your place for inspection. After that he will make the recommendations for the targeted treatment.
  3. All of our treatments are safe for kids, humans and pets. During treatment we prefer to use chemicals we use that are eco-friendly.
  4. Our professional pest control team will start work at the set time selected by the homeowner.  
  5. We also prefer to do follow up visits even after the treatment until your problem is solved.

Fast facts on bed bugs

Here we are explaining some important key points about bed bugs that you should know;

  • Bed bugs are minimal wingless insects, feed on the blood of humans and other animals,
  • Humans are the ideal hosts for the bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs use to live in the beds, sofas, mattresses or cracks as they have to feed on human blood, so they prefer to live in the nearest places.
  • Most of the time, bed bugs feed on their hosts while they are sleeping.
  • The peak time when the bed bugs feed on human blood is one hour before sunrise.
  • Bug feeds for almost 5 minutes after that it will immediately return to its hiding place whether it’s a mattress, beds, sofas or cracks.
  • After nine days, the bites of the bug beds will start appearing on the human skin.
  • Just like the flea bites, bites of bed bugs don’t create the red spot in the centre.
  • Keep in mind that all types of bed bugs will definitely bile in rows. You will see two or three bites all in a row that will make it easy for you to recognize the presence of bed bugs.
  • You should know that bed bugs are difficult to eradicate. So if you want to get rid of these bed bugs, then opt to hire the professional pest controls.

Habit of Bed Bugs:

Bed Bugs are nasty in nature, they normally come out at night and carry most of their activities during nighttime. Keep in mind, you can’t detect these bugs with naked human eye that become the reason for saving these insects from pest control experts. You should know their hiding places i-e folded areas of beds, paper boxes, mattresses, bedding, travelling bags, adjacent furniture, behind the picture frame, electrical switch plates, wallpaper and other things.


Bed bugs can feed on different warm-blooded animals, humans and kids. Bed Bugs bites will create a red and itchy patch on your skin. If you are allergic to the pests bites, then it might be very infectious for you. To avoid this type of issue, you should prefer to hire the Bed Bugs Control Dubai and save yourself from getting bitten by these nasty insects and from the inevitable costly visits to doctors.

Treatments of Bed Bugs in Dubai:

Insecticide treatments done by the approved and licensed pest control persons will be the best and effective way to control all types of pest.  The experts will use three different types of insecticides to achieve the best possible results. Actually, there are different brands of insecticides present from which you can ask the pest control experts to choose the best.

 If you are looking to hire the professional pest control services for Bed Bugs, then consider hiring the Robin pest control. We are the best in Dubai and Sharjah providing the best services with the most experienced team of professionals.

Controlling an infestation


They can easily hide in so many places, so it’s difficult to find and eradicate these bugs. You are advised to hire the professional pest control services instead of wasting lots of time and patience required to deal with these bugs. Experts of Bed Bugs Control Dubai know better about the places where they can hide and about the ways to get rid of these bugs.

If you want to help the pest control team, then try to remove all the excess clutter from the house before they start the procedure. Keep in mind that if your stuff will be strewn in the entire room, then it might create extra hiding places for the bugs. That will automatically make the inspection, treatment and eradication of the bugs more difficult.

You might be asked to move all the furniture items away from the wall, and to keep the mattresses and box springs standing on the edge. Hence, making it easy for you and the pest control experts to do the treatment.

The following procedures are advised

You are advised to wash all the bedding and garments that are prone to infestation at 50 C minimum because these are the items that can’t be treated with insecticides. Keep in mind that you don’t have to send all your stuff off to get dry-cleaned. It might be clean. This process will kill all the bugs but it will pass on the problem to the dry-cleaning establishment. Sometimes it is best to throw away some of the infested items and buy a new one. In this regard you can take professional advice from the experts of Bed Bugs Control Dubai. Don’t forget to pack these items properly before throwing them away.


Insecticides are the most important and crucial part to get rid of the bed bugs. According to the pest control experts baiting is best for ants and cockroaches control in Dubai, but this method is not suitable for bed bugs.

The pest control team will apply liquids directly to the cracks, baseboards, bed frames, crevices, and other similar sites, or else it will be applied as dust in the cracks and crevices, and in the areas where bugs might be present. Obviously, we can’t apply pesticides to mattresses and bedding due to potential risk for the people.

Furthermore you should know that application of Insecticide alone won’t help you much in controlling the bed bugs. Infect you have to combine this process with infestation prevention measures.

Bed Bugs Pest Control in Dubai, UAE:

Having sleepless nights due to bedbugs? Now it’s time to hire the best pest control services in Dubai. We at Robin Pest control, ensure complete removal of the bed bugs from every corner of the building so you can enjoy the peaceful night ahead. Our team has years of experience in removing the nasty bed bugs from different types of residential & commercial properties in Dubai and UAE. We guarantee the highest customer satisfaction. We follow a simple and unique process that is eco-friendly and less hazardous for humans, pets and kids.

To completely eliminate the bed bugs, you are advised to get professional help. Before hiring any pest control make sure they have a licence and have years of experience in pest control services. We at Robin Pest Control, have a team of professionals with years of experience in bed bug control with best customer satisfaction in the industry.

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