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Cockroaches Control

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Cockroaches are the biggest problem people are facing nowadays in homes, apartments, offices and other buildings of Dubai. Cockroaches are in their active state at night, and they prefer to hide in the cracks and at night they use to come out of cracks to find the food items. It can be very irritating and gross to deal with these insects. There are so many cockroach sprays available in the market that you can use on your own to kill these insects. Even then if you didn’t succeed in getting rid of these insects then you can take the help from professional pest control services.  

Common Cockroaches In Dubai / Sharjah

Different types of cockroaches are found in Dubai. So, it’s important for you to know about all of them;

  • German Cockroaches: These are types of cockroaches who like to live and breed indoors and most are normally found in or around residential & commercial kitchens or darting around the bathroom areas.
  • American Cockroaches: These are the Cockroaches that are found in the basement areas, kitchens and drainage of villas. These roaches prefer to live and breed outdoors.
  • Oriental cockroach: These cockroaches are dark brown or clack in colour. They love to live in cool and damp areas. These types of roaches can create health hazards as they love to feed on garbage and decaying things.

Signs of Cockroaches Existence

There are so many signs that will help you in identifying the presence of cockroaches in your home. Some signs are listed below; 

  1. Actually, cockroaches Pest Control in Dubai produce an annoying smell, when they come in contact with any food item or utensil that you are using.  
  2. They will definitely leave the brown colour stools in the small drops of water if it’s present on the surface.
  3. If water is present on the surface in large amounts, then cockroaches will definitely make dirty marks on the walls and around the floor space.
  4. Keep in mind that cockroaches need a warm environment to grow. That’s why it’s better for you to keep on checking the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room.  While dealing with the cockroaches keep in mind they can actually climb the walls, metal, polished and glass. 
  5. You can also find these cockroaches in the basements of the house, apartments and buildings.

Actually cockroaches don’t bite like mosquitoes or wasps, but they will definitely infect the food items causing illness, allergic reactions and skin glitches. You can also use home medications to control these pests, otherwise you can opt to hire Robin pest control services.

Get rid of cockroaches:

There are so many ways to get rid of cockroaches, here are few solutions to get rid of these roaches; 

Solution 1: First solution that you can implement is to use boric acid, it will force the cockroaches to change their ways and location.

Solution 2: other than that, you can also use a cockroach gel bait. It’s the most effective solution to kill the cockroaches because one cockroach will eat the gel, then it will automatically transfer the gel to the rest of the population. That results in killing the remaining cockroaches present in your premises.

Cockroach Preventions Tips:

  1. To eliminate the cockroaches from the premises, you have to get rid of all types of extra food items, especially at night. Always try to keep your shelves clean and neat at night. Pest Control in Dubai It’s better to store all the food items in tightly sealed food containers to prevent food from the access of cockroaches. 
  2. You are suggested to empty up all the bins daily and wash out the bottles and cans before using them to avoid the diseases. 
  3. Maintaining cleanliness is critical, especially in the kitchen and washroom areas. Never forget to clean the area under the sinks and remove all the still water present there.
  4. Removing all the unnecessary items can also help you to prevent cockroaches. It’s essential to remove the unused stacks of newspapers and all the extra boxes in the cupboard that can become a cockroach’s home.
  5. Take all the necessary measures to control the cockroaches if you find any in the surroundings, or else you can contact the Robin Pest control services

Cockroaches Control in Dubai, Ajman & Sharjah

Everyone living in the Dubai, Ajman & Sharjah areas have run across the cockroaches once in their lifetime. These are the most common pests found in homes, offices, apartments and buildings. These are disgusting and irritating pests that can spread many diseases. They spread almost six kinds of parasitic worms, 33 kinds of bacteria, and seven other kinds of human pathogens. They can carry germs on the spines of their legs and bodies while crawling through decaying matter or sewage, and then they will transfer it to the food items or onto food surfaces.

Roaches / Cockroaches are very disturbing to find in your villas, home, office, flats, apartment, restaurant and hotel. These roaches are known to carry a number of diseases, that’s why getting a Cockroaches Control in Dubai and removal specialist is crucial.

Reasons to hire Robin Pest Control Experts:

  • We have a well-qualified expert pest control team which is validated by other customers.
  • Our teams have the expert knowledge to control the pest.
  • Use of Non-toxic, Pet and human-friendly material in the treatment of pest control.
  • Long-term support until complete eradication of pests from your home or offices.

Controlling Cockroaches Control in Dubai

Controlling the cockroaches control in Dubai is really not easy. The first and most important thing that you have to do is to determine the exact location of the roaches. After locating the hiding places of roaches, you will be able to implement the control program more successfully. There might be some locations where it will be difficult to get into. During the process keep in mind that reduction of food supply, water sources and hiding places is important. Keep in mind, if cockroaches have the access to food items then baits will have very limited effect and sprays alone won’t be much effective. The experts of Cockroaches Control in Dubai will implement two methods to control the cockroaches in the surroundings


As we all know, spraying might be the easiest and quick way to control the cockroaches in the building. But they are not the long-term solution for controlling the cockroaches. This method might disperse the cockroaches to other places of the building, from where they can return easily. Actually, there are some cockroaches who become resistant to the insecticides. In that case, sprays won’t affect the cockroaches.


Another method used to kill the cockroaches and other insects is baiting. Basically, bait products are known as primary pesticides that are being used to kill the cockroaches. They are mostly packaged as pastes or gels, used by most of the pest control to kill the cockroaches. Keep in mind that an effective bait program doesn’t affect immediately, but it might take 4 to 5 days or even longer. If you need long-term control of cockroaches, then you must consider a baiting method.


The best advice is to keep your home neat and clean before the arrival of pest control experts. Even after getting the pest control services, you are suggested to keep and maintain the home as much as possible to avail the long-term results. 

Cockroach Prevention Techniques:

After getting the pest control services, it is critical to take preventive measures, otherwise problems might occur again. It’s effortless to prevent having cockroaches in your surroundings as compared to controlling an established population. The successful prevention of cockroaches requires extensive care, Planning and sustaining the entire effort. Maintaining cleanliness in the home will help you to eliminate the cockroach infestations and reduce the need for pesticides. Keep in mind that both practices won’t help you to prevent invasions from outside sources. For complete prevention, you have to take following preventive measures;

  • Do proper sanitation, both indoors and outdoors. It will help you to effectively control the cockroach populations.
  • Never leave the unwashed dishes, utensils or uncovered food on the kitchen shelves overnight.
  • Never forget to clean up all spilled liquids from the kitchen counters and shelves.
  • Clean up all the area beneath and behind the kitchen cabinets, stoves, furniture, refrigerators and sinks. Keep in mind that at some places like cupboards, storage bins and pantry shelves are the places where particles of food accumulate.
  • Try to keep all the kitchen wastes in cockroach proof bins or containers and dispose it of as quickly as possible.
  • Never forget to store dry pet food in tight containers that must be away from the kitchen and other food items.
  • If you feed pets indoors, then never forget to clean the leftovers as soon as possible and never let the food inside the feeding dish overnight.
  • Always prefer to use window screens
  • And try to eliminate all the possible hiding places of cockroaches.

Ways to prepare for the pest control treatment:

  • It’s very important to clean the home prior to the pest control visit, even after the pest control treatment you have to maintain the cleanliness as neatly as possible. This will help you to completely eliminate the food sources of the insects.  .
  • Another prevention technique that you have to implement is to cover and store all types of open food kept on the shelves. Try to keep all the kitchen appliances clean and declutter all the other small items from countertops.
  • Never forget to store and cover baby toys, crib, and baby toys to prevent insects and diseases.
  • Always try to give full access to your house to the Robin pest control team, as they have to check all the expected hiding places of cockroaches in order to eliminate them completely.
  • Before the pest control team starts their treatment in the home, you are liable to tell them if anyone in the home has special allergy problems, or is there any pregnant lady present in your home, or you have kids that are under the age of one. This type of information will help the pest control team to take all the precautions.  
  • Keep in mind that it is very important that all the pets and people stay out of the area being serviced for the specified period of time. 
  • Never forget to cover all the fish bowls and tanks by using a waterproof cover
  • ·After getting the pest control treatment you are suggested to keep the high level of sanitation, allowing all products to work as swiftly as possible.
  • Before the pest control team starts the treatment, never forget to switch off air conditioning.
  • It’s better to open windows to air the house thoroughly especially when you return back home.

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