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Termites Control – Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Dubai:

Termites are also called White Ants, it’s one of the biggest pest problems in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Their primary target is wood made of any type of structure. They attack wood-made structures until they overrun it. As a result, the wood structure is destroyed completely.

There are different types of Termite Control Solutions, but in the UAE Subterranean termites are found most commonly. These termites are also called “White Ants” due to their similarities. These are highly destructive timber ants that can cause major damage to timber structures in the domestic and commercial buildings.

Subterranean termites are soft bodied insects that’s smaller, i-e 4 to 11 mm. They start with building a central colony nest, from where they can further construct the underground tunnels that can radiate within a 90-meter radius right from the middle colony nest. It’s meant to search for the food source that is timber.

Ways to identify the existence of termite:

Don’t panic after identifying the Termite infestation in your premises. It’s effortless to get rid of these pests, all you have to do is, ask the professionals to come and help you in this regard. They have all the chemical treatments to prevent the Termites. All you have to do is to call out the best Termite Control Dubai.

To identify their existence on the wood structure, check if there is any mud type material appearing on the wood, paint bubbles and sawdust. Don’t worry, you can still treat your premises against the mites even though it already has caused damage to the property. But still, you can treat the building and prevent any type of future damage to the property.

Robin Pest Control Experts are the best Termite Control Dubai. We will come to rescue and eradicate the termite infestation from roots. We designed our chemical treatments to provide the best Termite preventive control at termite prone locations or control further infection to these infected areas. Our experts provide both pre-construction and post construction termite treatment all over Dubai.

We are emerging as the most trusted Pest Control Brand in Dubai. We are providing the most effective solutions for Termite Control Dubai. Other than Termite control services we are also offering services like Bird Control, Rodent Control, Wasps Control, Ants Control, Mosquitoes pest control, Cockroaches Control. Bed Bugs ControlResidential Pest Control and Commercial Pest Control in Dubai.Termite Control Solutions

Solutions for Termite prevention:

  1. You can create a barrier of chemicals around the Termite Control Solutions building.
  2. Treatment of soil near the entrance with liquid pesticides to stop termite from getting in the building.
  3. Consult pest control experts; they often use termite baits and traps for poisoning the termite. It is a very hard job to find their nests. Once experts find them, they will eradicate the termite. Experts can save your furniture from termite by using the latest and different scientific methods of pest control

Termite control techniques in Dubai:

In the UAE, Termite Control Solutions it has become compulsory to have pre-construction Termite treatment in any type of commercial or domestic property. This practice will help people to prevent the Termites in their area. It’s a great technique to prevent pests and is being used all over the UAE to get rid of these types of pests.

In case of termite infestation, there are two types of treatments that are recommended. First you have to hire the professionals like Robin Pest Control Experts, so they can suggest you about the required termite control treatment described below;Termite Control Solutions

Pre-construction Anti Termites Treatment Dubai

You can prevent the future Termite Control Solutions claims by treating it before constructions. It will help you to guard your building against possible termite ant affects. In Dubai, it has been made compulsory to get the pre-construction Termite treatment, for which you must hire the professionals. This treatment is simple, easy, cost-effective and less time-consuming.

The Pre-Construction Termite treatment involves several procedures to ensure the termite-free construction. This procedure involves the treatment of soil before the slab placement with insecticides. It’s the most popular treatment to form a chemical anti termite barrier between ground slab and masonry. This procedure will help you to guard your ground and prevent any type of termite insects from approaching the building.

Post-Construction Termites Control Dubai

Termite Control Solutions Another procedure that can help you to prevent Termite prevention is Post-Construction Termite control. This treatment is carried out on the existing building, to get a proofing against the termite or white ants. Mostly this treatment is recommended when people find the existence of termite in their commercial or domestic building. It’s also an easy and less time-consuming activity that will help you to prevent all types of termites in or around your premises.

The treatment involves a task of creating a termite barrier around the premises of the building. That will help you to prevent any type of termites. In this method, the professionals will drill the ground and inject the chemicals within the drilled spaces to prevent the Termite entrance from all the points around the building.

In the Post-Construction Termite Control Solutions, there are two methods that can be used based on the requirements or condition of the premises. These methods include;

  • Drilling and Injecting
  • Trenching and Flooding

Some Fact about Termites Control Dubai:

Termites are also referred to as white ants. Most of the households confuse the termites with ants that might cause more damage to their property. That’s why it is essential to know the difference between ants and termites, it will help you to prevent more damage to your property structure if not controlled or managed by the professionals.

Detecting the Termite Control Solutions might be very difficult at times. Mostly they live underground or near to your premises or building. They aim to attack the wooden flooring, furniture items, windows, doors, paper, etc. any type of negligence can lead to causing higher damage to your property, so you are suggested to inspect your property from professionals.

Why did you hire Robin Pest Control Experts?

  1. We have a well-qualified expert Termite Control Solutions team which is validated by other customers.
  2. Our teams have the expert knowledge to control the pest.
  3. Use of Non-toxic, Pet and human-friendly material in the treatment of pest control.
  4. Long term support until complete eradication of pests from your home or offices.

Residential Pest Control in Dubai

Always try to find out the licensed and experienced professionals for your residential pest control treatment. They will help you to make your home a safer place by having the most effective pest management we have to offer. Termite Control Solutions Robin Residential Pest Control can provide you effective management services for different types of pests:

  1. General Pests (Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Rodents etc.),
  2. Bed Bugs
  3. Flea Treatments
  4. Termite Inspections
  5. Termite Treatments and barriers
  6. Rental Property Flea Treatments

Our Prices

A Proven Pest Control Company will prefer to inspect the place before and after the treatment, accompanied by the report that includes all the detailed findings and recommendations. The report will also include recommendations whether you need ongoing management or not. It’s critical to have the pest control services once a year to avoid any serious property damage to diseases.

Termite Control Solutions permanently get rid of these pests, it is essential to hire an experienced pest control technician to carry out inspection in accordance with legal Standards. Keep in mind that it’s not a simple process, as the trainer has to carry out detailed inspection based on extensive training and experience.

Our certified technicians will carry out a thorough inspection of the residential or commercial building to inform you about the pest control services that you would need. Our technician will provide you with a complete report and recommendations based on his inspection.

Regular Inspections:

Treating a wasp is critical, otherwise you might have to face the consequences. The overall lifetime of the wasp nest is minimal, even if you don’t treat a wasp nest it eventually dies out. Its main motive is to produce 100 fertile Queens that will hibernate and start making their own nest in the next year.

Until autumn, the nest will keep on getting larger and larger and till the autumn and early winter season the wasps will be at their most aggressive & dopey state. Termite Control Solutions This is the time period when they sting people. The nest maintenance work is finished by workers, and now they are collecting food for grubs feeding on rotting fruit. The wasps’ nests can cause stains on the ceilings, and they can even eat part of the ceiling in some instances.

Every year, there are so many death cases that appear with wasp stings. So to control these death rates, it’s essential to take the help of professionals and remove it. People who have fruit trees in their backyards should know that wasps can cause massive amounts of damage to the fruits, especially in autumn.

How to keep your Home Pest-Free

At home, there are warm places, food and water sources creating a perfect atmosphere for different types of pests. So in that case, you must contact the pest control experts to inspect and treat the home. These licensed and experienced professionals will help you to get rid of the pests and keep your family safe and protected from diseases.

There are so many household pests with the potential of spreading disease to your family members and pets. It’s always a joint effort of home residents and pest control teams, as treatment alone is not enough.

Here at Robin Pest Control, Termite Control Solutions we provide highly effective services at the most affordable prices. We are using eco-friendly pest control chemicals that will be safe for your kids, family, and pets. Actually, all the pests like to eat tasty food, that’s why they feed on your breadcrumbs. So yes, we try our level best to maintain a good taste in our baiting treatment.


Robin pest control offers safe and effective pest control treatments for the entire year. We are offering all year long, safe and effective pest control treatment for our clients. In this way, you can ensure the safety of your kids, family and pets for a year long.

Robin Pest control Solutions is more than a preventative pest program, we make a promise with our clients to provide a pest-free living situation for their family and pets. All you have to do is to contact us for the Residential pest control services. Our expert technician will visit for place for inspection. After inspection, he will suggest you the best possible treatment, whether it’s baiting or spraying.  All our pest control methods are eco-friendly as we use chemical free products that are safe for pets and kids.

Our treatment program includes an eco-friendly approach to all types of residential pest control services. We kept on training our technicians the new and advanced methods of pest controls in the best interest of the world. All the products that we use are EPA-approved and all our procedures are the most humane route. We offer competitive rates whether you choose year-round commercial or residential pest control or a one-time service, all our services are backed by the Guarantee to satisfy you with our services.


After spotting the pest problem in your residential or commercial place, take quick action before it gets worse. Whether you need pest control for ants, rodentscockroaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes, etc. try to contact professional help before it gets too late. There are times when these pests keep on trying to find out the ways to get into your living space, even after the treatment. In this situation, Robin Pest Control’s residential pest management strategies will help you shine.

We offer a range of residential Termite Control Solutions along with the year-round protection. Our experts are certified professional, meant to provide you best possible solutions. They will inspect your property first before giving you the solution. Infect they will also give you tailor made treatments suggested by considering your problem.

Constant Home Protection

Flexible, Affordable Monthly Plans

Robin Residential Termite Control Solutions Home Protection at very affordable rates. We offer different plans to or clients based on their needs. We prefer to do constant protection to assure the prevention of all types of pests in your premises. Our expert technicians will visit the location before recommending any type of treatment.

We have a team of professionals always ready to resolve your pest control issues. We are specialized in eradicating all types of pests from residential and commercial buildings. Our experts are using fast, eco-friendly, and hassle-free pest control methods.  We offer different types of protection plans that will help you to eliminate the crawling insects along with common household pests. Furthermore, we provide the best pest shield to all types of residential and commercial buildings, both from  inside and outside.

Here at Robin Pest control, our expert technicians will curb the root cause of the issue that you are facing. Keep in mind that eliminating the root cause will help you to prevent the issue for much longer time period. Our technicians are here to provide you after services to ensure the prevention of pests within the premises.

Commercial Pest Control Services in the UAE:

Robin Pest Control services cover numerous industries in the UAE. We have expert technicians with most appropriate knowledge and experience about pest control. The existence of pests in any type of commercial setup can certainly affect its customer’s perception. Whether it’s a warehouse, office, school, hotel, hospital or shopping mall, there will always be the risk of pests. Deployment of pest control measures actually become critical, especially at the places where large groups of people are involved i-e employees, students, customers and patients, etc.

A minor negligence in this aspect might become a reason for losing valuable customers and employees and above all loss of your business reputation. To prevent these issues, you should prefer to hire the Professional Robin Pest Control Services. We comply with policies regarding the use of insecticides/pesticides and apply treatments accordingly.

Property Management Commercial Pest Control Services:

Professional pest control services provide the best services to both commercial and residential facilities in Dubai. Our expert technicians will help you to permanently get rid of these pests eventually. Whether you manage an apartment, offices, buildings or a retail space, we can effectively control all your past and present pest control problems.

Restaurant Commercial Pest Control Services:

Our thorough pest control treatment will help your commercial business to successfully get through the health inspections by ensuring your comfortable patterns. We’ll help you in eliminating the insects, termites, rodents and much more.

Office Commercial Pest Control Services:

We can help you in keeping your employees happy in a pest free office environment. Our expert technicians will help you to get rid of all types of pests’ i-e bedbugs, cockroaches, termite, mosquito, snake, scorpio, lizard, houseflies, birds, Ant, wasp and squirrel.

Warehouse and Commercial Storage Pest Control Services:

Even in the warehouse and commercial storages, we provide the best pest control services. It will help you to keep your employee morale high with separate and operative treatments while maintaining high-quality standards consistent with essential health and safety regulations. 

Why Choose Robin Pest Contro

At Robin Pest Control, we have experienced and certified pest control technicians to help you bring the environment-friendly and chemical free pest control solutions for commercial buildings. We’ll help you to prevent having any type of further infestations.  Our team uses safe and effective pest control techniques by following all the safety standards laid down by the government in Dubai. We are delivering the best pest control treatment for all types of residential pest control services or commercial offices at the most affordable prices to provide complete customer satisfaction.

Our Expert Pest Control Services:

Having pests in the household or commercial premises is the common issue that people have to deal with. There are different types of pests that can be hard to control and become the reason for causing and spreading diseases. 

There is a wide range of pests present in residential and commercial buildings. So, always prefer to hire the specialized and professional pest control technician who has all the knowledge and equipment about controlling pests. Pest infestation in commercial buildings is the main issue that people are dealing with. It can cause quite devastating consequences for large-scale or small-scale businesses. 

Technicians of Robin Commercial Pest Control services have huge experience of commercial or residential pest control.  We understand the needs of every business pertaining to its specific requirements. This knowledge enables our experts to cater individual pest control needs and give them the best possible solution.

Our service starts with proper site visits, evaluation and consultation. One of the experts will visit your commercial or residential building right after you contact the company. After analysing the problem, he will suggest the best possible solutions depending upon the current situation of property and the damage that has been already caused. After that, they will do the treatment of the affected areas. Robin Pest Control services is determined to provide you with fully devoted services to help you get rid of different types of pests in commercial or residential areas.

Robin pest control is Dubai municipality approved company that provides commercial disinfection, sterilization and guaranteed pest control services to commercial sector such as:

Hospitality Pest Control


Hospitality is a very sensitive sector that requires a clean and pest free environment. Even a small mistake in this sector can ruin all the hard-earned reputation of your business. So, in that scenario, it’s critical to get rid of Pest infestation by hiring professional pest control services. We will help you to prevent your property from being damaged. 

Robin Commercial Pest Control services provide an exclusive solution for all types of hospitality property based on the customized requirements of clients. We offer pest control services for all types of hotels, motels, restaurants, inns etc. our expert technicians also provide inspection services for properties, and they will suggest you the best possible solutions for the pest control treatment and challenges that you might face by ignoring the treatment. We are really experienced and skilful in dealing with all kinds of pest problems in the hospitality properties.

Pharmaceutical Industry Pest Control

While dealing with the pest, we have to follow all the international health standards as they pose zero tolerance policy for pests, especially in pharmaceutical industries. Basically, it’s a very sensitive industry that requires strict sanitization rules to be followed in its location. It’s impossible to jeopardy these rules in this industry by pest infestation. Our scientific approach for pest control will help you to get rid of such problems. Our pest control experts will help you to comply with all the local and international standards for pharmaceutical industries. Robin provides the services of monitoring the pest infestation, pest control treatments and yearly maintenance services.

Food and Beverage Pest Control

Food and beverage industry has to follow strict health and safety standards with zero tolerance policy towards pests infestation. Our expert technicians are here to help you by analysing the overall condition of your property and by developing a profound understanding of your requirements. We will develop highly effective strategies for pest control based on the type of property and pest infestation you have. Robin Pest Control is here to supply high-quality pest control services to food and beverage processing industries. 

Retail Pest Control

Robin Pest Control is one of the leading suppliers in the retail industry. We have expert technicians providing pest control services to all kinds of grocery stores, supermarkets and other types of retail stores. We provide the most effective and innovative ideas to get rid of pest infestation, especially in the retail environment. Our customized services will help the businesses to effectively solve different types of pest problems.

Healthcare Pest Control

Healthcare facilities are more prone to pest infestation because these are highly busy places. Actually, it’s very hard to get rid of the pest infestation from these places. Pest infestation in the healthcare sector can be very harmful for patients as they might become the reason for transferring dangerous diseases. Experts of Robin Pest Control services will make the customized treatment plans based on your property needs and infestation level. There are lots of healthcare facilities in the UAE that benefitted from our innovative pest control solutions.

Office Pest Control

Here at Robin Pest Control Services, we provide the best pest control services for both large and small office buildings. We have certified and experienced technicians, helping you to get rid of pest infestations at very affordable rates, either it’s rodents or flies along with other pests. Initially, the pest control technicians will analyse the property condition, after that, they will suggest the best possible pest control treatment and the preventive measures you have to take   for controlling the pest infestation after the treatment.

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