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Ants Control in Dubai

Robin Pest Control, Dubai

Another very common pest found in Dubai is Ant. Basically, ants don’t carry any type of diseases; therefore, pose no threat to humans or pets. Robin pest control is   Ant control services in Dubai, UAE. There are so many species of Ants from which some can really be harmful for humans like fire ants, as they can sting and cause skin damage, burns, sensation and pain. These types of ants are harmful for plants and animals.

It’s effortless to avoid the ant infestation simply by keeping the kitchen area neat and clean and keeping the food items in a tight container. In this way, ants will be unable to sniff the food items stored on the kitchen shelves. Another Technique to control the ants is to seal the holes or passages that are ant routes. To block these ants’ ways you can use glue, silicone or plaster.

What are ANTS?

Ants are a type of insects, who can adopt any type of environment, due to which they can live anywhere irrespective of atmosphere. It was found in the study, by E.O. Wilson, that total amount of ant’s biomass in the world is equal to the human biomass on the earth. That shows there are roughly one million ants for every human being present on earth.

It’s a fact that Ants can multiply quickly, and their presence in humans might cause a problem. That’s why it shouldn’t be neglected. Keep in mind that it’s a serious issue, if not treated, they can cause severe health issues to humans.

ANT Life Cycle:

There are four stages in the life cycle of Ants that include egg, larvae, pupae, and adult. This life cycle is known as metamorphosis. The completion of the ant life cycle depends upon the ant species and environmental factors. It might take several weeks to several months to complete the ant life cycle.

  • Egg:

When a female ant mates successfully with the male ant, she becomes a queen. The queen ant will then lay eggs that will be small, that will be just about a half of a millimeter in diameter.

  • Larvae:

After 1-2 weeks, the crab-like legless larvae ant will come out of the egg. At this stage, the larvae need an edacious appetite, and the adult ants will spend most of their time feeding their larvae with food or liquids which they can easily digest and regurgitate.

  • Pupae:

After the larvae stage, the next stage of ant development is pupae. The colour of ant pupae is white, but with the passage of time they become darker with their maturity.

  • Adults.

After the completion of the pupal stage, the adult ant will come on the scene. There are three different colony castes of the adult ants which include queens, workers and males.

ANT Infestations Control in Dubai:

Ant species found in human habitations are categorized as pests i-e leaf-cutting, carpenter, thief, pharaoh, harvester, southern fire, field, honey, little fire, velvety tree, red town, pavement, etc. From all these ants, the hardest to control are pharaoh ants. These ants are small, but their infestation can really be very difficult. It can cause serious problems for people in the food and medical industries. These ants can consume sweet substances, but they like to prefer food items, i-e greasy and fatty meats.

That’s why it is critical to get rid of these ants, especially in the kitchen or hospital with Ants Control in dubai. Mostly ants used to attack the stored food, or indoor structures, or agricultural crops directly and some ants will sting or bite. The ant bite can be very painful, causing rashes on human skin.

Get rid of Ants at your own:


Another method that can be used to stop the ants includes the application of soap and water, or else you can also use the mixture of vinegar and water on their trail. It will help you to kill the ants if they will use the same track again. You can also use soda bicarbonate as a bait that will help you to kill the ants.  

However, you can also kill the ants simply by spreading strong smelling herbs i-e garlic cloves, camphor, or peppermint near the ant trails. It will help you to prevent ants from entering your home. Moreover, if you are unable to get rid of these ants with all these tricks then you can take professional help by hiring the Robin Pest Control Dubai.

Get rid of Ants with Pest Control Services:

If you are looking for the professional pest control service in Dubai Moreover, if you are looking for a professional pest control in Dubai, then Contact Robin Pest Control services. We have expert professionals who will help you to get rid of these Ants and cockroaches control. They will inspect your place first and then recommend you the best possible solution for the issue you are suffering from. Actually, ants are performing different types of ecological roles that are valuable for humans. Besides that, they are also causing economic losses by invading buildings.

We always prefer to use the licensed, non-toxic chemicals for killing the ants that are causing trouble for you and your family members. We are the best Ants Control in dubai and give you the best services at the most competitive rates. Plus, we offer you guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction on all of our pest control services.

  • Ants’ nests: It’s easy to spot the ants in the garden before locating the ants in the garden. These nests contain ant colonies, they are dormant and sleep in their nests during cool winter. As the weather warms up, these ants become active, and they start searching the food by leaving their nest. After mating with the female ants, the male ants die, and the pregnant females become the new queen ants. The queen ant will lay eggs in soft soil, and then she will build the new nest.
  • Ant activity on lawns and flowerbeds: Another sign that confirms the presence of ants in the lawn and flowerbeds are the heaps of soil found in the corners. It’s a place where the worker ants deposit the soil that’s excavated from the underground nests. These ants are basically building the nest space for the queen ants. These heaps of soil can partly bury low growing plants. whereas the nests of Large ants can become the reason for exposing the root systems of plants to the air that can become the reason for drying the plants to wilt.
  • Aphid farming. Some ants ‘milk’ aphids for their sugary honeydew, and protect aphids by driving off their predators such as ladybird larvae. This can cause increased populations of aphids and more damage to plants.

Ants Control in Dubai:

It’s almost impossible to remove the ant colonies due to their adaptive nature. But, in this situation it’s better to consult the residential pest control agents to help you get rid of these ants. Here at Robin Pest Control we use ‘Three prong Technique’.  For all three approaches we use eco-friendly pest control chemicals.

  1. In the first technique we treat the living spaces within your home. For this we use eco-friendly chemicals or sprays.
  2.   In the second approach, ant control treatments are applied in the yards. It’s basically the source of ants from where they get into your home. That’s why it’s very important to treat the root of the ants in the yard.
  3.   The last technique used for ant control is to treat them outside the living spaces.  In some cases, the ants built their root nests within the home or at the outer corners of your home.

Steps after wasp treatment:

After getting the wasp treatment, the nest will remain active for almost 3 hrs, but wasps can cease their activity much sooner. Right after the treatment, you have to keep people and pets away from the area until the wasp activity ceases. You should try to shut the windows and warn neighbours to stay away.

Here are three most important points that you must remember;

  1. You cannot use the treated nests ever again.
  2. Keep in mind that you cannot move the wasp nest from one place to another, once they start building their nest, then it will be there for almost 7 to 8 months.
  3. All the wasps start building their nests in the spring, that could be the start of May, but it’s hard to notice the expanding populations. The population expands from 1 queen to around 10 000 wasps in the Autumn.

Control Approach

It could be very challenging to implement ant control techniques, we implement best laid pest control techniques to tackle them with a behaviour-led BASF Integrated Pest Management strategy, based on five most important essentials;  


  • Inspection of the area to locate the infestation.
  • Recommend the most suitable treatment strategy for ant infestation.
  • Communicate properly to set right expectations and gain adequate co-operation.
  • Start the treatment with eco-friendly products in the safest ways.
  • Follow-up with the client to assess results, and re-treat the location if necessary.

Tackling Ant Infestations

There are so many different ways to effectively control social insects like ants. These techniques and professionals will help you to eliminate both the queens and broods. It’s very important to eliminate the foraging workers from the food sources this can be done physically or through the chemical treatment.

Quality Baiting

The most reliable way used by expert pest control is baiting. In this method attractive, powerful and readily-accessible insecticide bait is given to the foraging workers. They will consume the bait and then get distributed throughout their colonies.

This approach will help you to prevent the natural trophallactic ant behaviour. But you have to make sure that both queens and their larvae get the lethal dose of insecticide. To increase the effectiveness and reliability of the baiting make sure its based upon insecticide which is:

  • Untraceable to all types of ants yet toxic enough when ingested within the ant colony even in small amounts.
  • It’s a delayed process as it allows the searching workers to distribute the bait widely to all adults and larvae living in the colony before succumbing.

The bait formulation should be:

  • Eye-catching and tempting ants to excite the greatest possible ant worker collecting the feed.
  • It should be in liquid form to get the best possible results in the minimum time period. So that worker ant can uptake and redistribute it throughout the colony.

Support Spraying

  • Ant baiting technique will probably take 10 to 14 days to completely control the ant colonies. But if you need to have some rapid results, especially in the sensitive locations the baiting process must be completed with tactical support spraying of high intensity insecticide.

    This step will help you to rapidly eliminate all the visible indoor foraging ants. The experts pest control will spray the insecticide with a repellent nature, that will be used as a barrier for the ants and prevent their further ant entry. Keep in mind that you don’t have spray near the bait treatments, otherwise ants won’t collect the bait due to the repellent nature of the spray. 

Spray targeted areas:

  • Target the spray at indoor ant trails and at the junctions of wall/floor, in the area of food sources
  • Never for to spray the typical entry areas i-e around drains and pipe runs or windows and doors
  • Furthermore you have to avoid all the external ant trails, especially those that come in the vicinity of baiting points.

As we all know that ants are extraordinarily determined in following trails that take them to food. It could be a small hole where it’s really hard to gain entry. These ants are unstoppable. In this scenario the spray technique will work as a repellent insecticides that will immediately eliminate the obvious signs of infestation. 

Physical Controls

Another method used by an expert pest control team is physical control. This technique is generally ineffective on its own, it includes excluding ants from the buildings or other food sources by physical means. Keep in mind this technique can only be effective alongside chemical controls. This is really helpful to guard against re-infestation from new colonies especially around sensitive locations. 

The most effective measures:

  • Try to adopt ant-proof ways to store the food items in the kitchen i-e sealable containers
  • Regularly clean the shelves, floors and other surfaces where food is stored also helpful in removal of spillages and scent trails
  • Never forgot to dispose properly all the kitchen scraps and food waste
  • Try to seal all the access points of the ants permanently by using a flexible caulk.

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